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Adjustable Mattress Bases




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Adjustable mattress bases that work for you

Adjustable beds offer the impressive benefits that help you rest, relieve your pain, and bring you to a place of comfort that you will appreciate for years to come. Consider advantages such as adjustable positions for each area of your body, massage features, specialized lighting, and personalized controls for an experience that is as unique as you are. Constructed to fit various beds, these products offer a design you will want to see and experience for yourself.

An adjustable bed frame that fits your need

If you can’t get into a comfortable position in bed, chances are you will not sleep well, leading to many problems and a lot of pain and stiffness. The benefit of having an adjustable bed frame is to alleviate as many of those problems as possible, giving you extensive comfort and peace every second that you are in your bed. These products are designed to be adjustable in all the areas that matter most for a customized sleeping experience unrivaled.

The Contemporary III, for example, offers edge-to-edge support, including pre-programmed positions including exclusive lounge, incline, anti-snore, zero-gravity, and flat. The Aviada has many of the same features but includes an actual inversion position for a full spinal stretch and much more. Still another option is the Remedy II, which offers therapeutic massage in addition to a programmable, voice-controlled remote.
Be sure to consider our other adjustable beds, including the Tranquility II, the Clarity II, and the Up Adjustable Bed, all with features that will cater to your preferences. Our associates can answer any questions you have about any of the features that come with these products. Be sure to visit us to find out even more.

Find your perfect adjustable mattress base here

When you need a trustworthy mattress store in Greenville, MI, Greenville Flooring & Mattress will cater to the need. We offer products you want and need and associates who help you browse and match you with the perfect products for your preferences and requirements. If you are ready to find products that will serve you well, we are prepared to help.

From our showroom in Greenville, we proudly cater to residents from Greenville, MI, Belding, MI, Cedar Springs, MI, Rockford, MI, Stanton, MI, Lakeview, MI, Ionia, MI, Six Lakes, MI, Edmore, MI, and Howard City, MI. We would be honored to earn your business as well and invite you to visit us at your convenience. You are sure to find a perfect adjustable mattress base when you stop by to browse.